Thursday, February 10, 2005


Lets Get Started

So Hewlett Packard wants me to pay 295USD to have my hp Pavilion notebook repaired. I bought it a year ago for about a thousand dollars knowing it had a one-year warranty and expecting to have to use it considering all the luck Id seen people have with notebooks laptops etc. So the DVD drive fails to read DVD's fast enough to show them to me onscreen within 6 months but it turns out I really dont like watching DVDs on that stupid computer so it was ok. Then by 8 months burning CDs becomes risky. No buffer underrun, not a coaster, but data CDs that pretend like they have all the information you put on it but don’t really. Fine. Burn CDs on the desktop. By now though the AC power pin has become looser and looser. I can still get the plug to go in the jack and the computer tells me it is plugged in so fine. Then one day the alarm is going off because the battery is running out but it should be plugged in. Low and behold its not actually plugged in because the mofing AC power pin is not engaged with the plug. Its warranty time. Talk to tech support in India, (800-474-6836) and be damn lucky that I turned the machine off instead of staring at it because they tell me it’s going to be wiped clean. You can talk all you want about how firewire is silly but luckily in five minutes I was able to shoot all the data off to my external harddrive. Fax the receipt, call them back, schedule pickup. Pack the stupid ass thing. Leave it on my porch at the mercy of hoodlums because I actually work on weekdays. Get the email that says they have it and that the optical drive is the only problem and its on warranty. Call India again to say that the power pin is broken and I hope someone notices. Who knows what they are over there doing but I bet they have a battery that still works unlike mine here that barely did even before the Pavilion junked out. They say duly noted, the power pin must be fixed. Two days later I’m calling India again to say I wonder where my HP notebook is and I get a call on the other line from California saying Hi this is Hewlett-Packard, the technicians see that the power pin is broken and you will have to pay 295 to fix it because its broken off and that requires replacing the motherboard. Which is not covered by the warranty. I yell about how I am astounded and this is unacceptable and I bought this thing a year ago and just plugged the power cord in and took it out of the jack several times every other day. Regular use not the problem. I am very sorry there is no alternative. Let me talk to your manager. I am the manager she says. I am very angry. I say. Who do I call to complain about this? Then she gives me the number.

Call Them. 1-800-756-0608 extension 7 (on 10 Feb, 2005)

Next time: “The Executive Office of Consumer Relations

I read your story. I have the same problem now --- the notebook is still under warranty but the power connector inside the notebook broke. They do not want to provide warranty service on this after 2 hours of talking with them. They will charge me $89 as diagnostic charge if they decide it is not covered by warranty. So I really want to know what happened next. You got it repaired and covered by warranty? Please add your later story there or send me an email at Thanks.
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